Upgrade your e-shop by market monitoring

The e-commerce software for monitoring your market.

Make your prices more competitive and give more appeal to the presentation of the goods.

Upgrade your e-commerce
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Do you SPEND to bring traffic to your e-commerce? but the business doesn’t grow…

No waste your time!
Scubixpress will RESOLVE you.
How? Through a more effective presentation of the goods and competitive prices.
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What is the best PRICE

Are you sure that the price you give to your goods is correct?

It may be uncompetitive or, conversely,
too low and do not margin well.

How can you move without breaking the margins and still be competitive?


Is the merchandise you sell accurately presented?

The customer must evaluate your goods.
Search engines need more details to index you.

The items in your catalog change often.
How to show them effectively and on time?

Presentation of the MOST EFFECTIVE goods

More sales and MORE MARGINS

  • Simplify your pricing strategy.
    Reduce the time spent on manual activities.
    Increase sales by monitoring the market.
    Analyze the historical trends of competitors, filtered by brand and category.
    Export data to Excel.
    Receive notifications and reports via email.
  • Define your price rules, such as the minimum margin and set on autopilot.
    Keep your competitive prices automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Automated searches and INTEGRATIONS

  • Automatic search for competitors with a catalog more similar to yours.
    The ranking of websites, with indexed products on search engines.
    Use of Artificial Intelligence to find the URLs of the homologous products from competitors.
  • Full integration with Magento M1 and Woocommerce
    Automated and daily update of prices and references.
    Integrated import of the catalog.